Concrete patios in Concord, NC are more durable than patios installed with other building materials. Best Concrete of Concord is the top concrete contractor for your next concrete patio installation. A concrete patio is durable, long lasting, and looks great. Little maintenance is required with a concrete patio when compared to a deck or paver patio. Plus, installation of concrete patios is an easier and quicker process than the installation of patios with other building materials.

concrete patios

A patio is a beautiful accent to your home or business. Taking a seat outside of your home to enjoy the scenery, sunset, or fresh air is better on a patio. Concrete is the best building material for your patio. It is more durable and holds up to the elements better than a deck, pavers, slate, brick, or any other building material. Plus, there is very little maintenance required with a concrete patio.

Free Concrete Patio Estimate

When you need a concrete patio or concrete patio extension, choose a concrete contractor that knows Concord and the surrounding areas. Best Concrete of concord is the concrete contractor to install your new concrete patio. Call (704) 529-9443 for your free home estimate. Below is a form to schedule your free estimate if you prefer this format.

    Concrete Patios in Concord, NC Options

    When it comes to installing a concrete patio, you have options. Just as no two houses are exactly the same, so is the case with your patio installation. Let our design team help decide your best option with a concrete patio installation.

    Simple Concrete Patio

    Concord NC concrete patio

    A simple concrete patio is a basic concrete patio of grey concrete material. This is a durable patio that will last a long time regardless of the weather or weight conditions. A simple concrete patio requires very little maintenance. Choose a top concrete contractor to install your concrete patio.

    Concrete Patio Extension

    If your concrete patio is too small to meet your needs, consider an extension to your patio. An extension can be added to your concrete patio to match your existing patio. The extension provides more space for your patio while still giving the same look and feel of a concrete patio.

    Stamped Concrete Patios

    For a much better look to your concrete patio, install a stamped concrete patio. Decorative stamped concrete provides the look and feel of pavers and other building materials, but provides the durability of concrete. A stamped concrete patio is sophisticated and beautiful, while adding value to your home. With a stamped concrete patio you have endless options for pattern and color. Patterns come in a variety of looks resembling other building materials like stone, brick, wood, and more.

    Local Concrete Contractor for Patios in Concord, NC

    Best Concrete of Concord is your local concrete contractor for concrete patios and more in Concord, NC. We thrive on serving the needs of our local homeowners and businesses for concrete driveways, patios, concrete walkways, and stamped concrete. Call us for your next concrete project throughout the Concord, NC area. We provide free estimates for all of our concrete contractor work, big or small. We are the top local contractor for all concrete work throughout Cabarrus County. We install concrete patios in Concord, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, Newell, Huntersville, Charlotte, and more. Don’t settle for a paver patio, stone, wood deck, or any other outdoor structure. Concrete will remain durable, is long-lasting, and is nearly maintenance free. Plus, if you desire the look of pavers or those other building materials, a decorative stamped concrete patio can be stamped to look like pavers, slate, wood, brick, and more.