Stamped Concrete in Concord, NC is an excellent addition to your home or business. Concrete is known for its durability and longevity, but not traditionally for its exciting look. With decorative stamped concrete, even the look of your concrete driveway or concrete patio looks great. Best Concrete of Concord is the concrete contractor to call for stamped concrete installation.

Stamped concrete has increased in popularity since it was first introduced in the 1970s at the World of Concrete. However, stamping concrete dates back to at least the 1950s. Early on there were very few options for colors and patterns. Today, there are nearly endless options for stamped concrete driveways, patios, and walkways. Builders use stamped concrete in order to meet customer’s desires as well as customer’s budgets.

stamped concrete

What is Stamped Concrete in Concord

Stamped concrete is textured, patterned, or embossed concrete which is set to resemble stone, brick, slate, tile, wood, flagstone, or various other patterns. The typical use for stamped concrete is for concrete driveways, concrete patios, concrete walkways, and more. Use decorative stamped concrete for a garage floors or pool decks. Plus, various colors are to stamped concrete to add to the look.

Local Concrete Contractor in Concord, NC

Best Concrete of Concord is your local concrete contractor in Concord, NC and beyond. Our local service area includes Concord, Kannapolis, Harrisburg, Newell, Huntersville, Mt. Pleasant, China Grove, Newell, Charlotte, and more. Concord is a fantastic town to live and run a business, and we provide peace of mind for your home and business with concrete services. Call us to install stamped concrete, concrete driveways, concrete patios, and concrete walkways for your Concord, NC home or business.

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    Stamped Concrete Process

    Add Base Color

    The primary color used in stamped concrete is the base color. Base color is the color of the building material that the concrete represents from wood, slate, stone, or some other material. Color hardener, a powder pigment used to dye concrete, is what produces the base color for stamped concrete.

    Add Accent Color

    This is the secondary color for stamped concrete. The secondary color is what produces the texture in the concrete, such as grout. Applying color release is what produces the secondary color.

    Stamping Patterns for Stamped Concrete in Concord, NC

    The stamping pattern is the shape of the surface for the stamped concrete product, whether a concrete driveway, concrete patio, or some other project. The pattern reflects the natural building material that the homeowner chooses. The process is, pour the concrete and then imprint the concrete with a concrete stamp. When it comes to patters, there are numerous options for your project. Turn your patio or driveway into concrete that looks like wood, slate, pavers, brick, or many other building materials. The process is simple and only slightly longer than the pouring process for concrete. Of course, when you need concrete, you need a top local concrete contractor in Concord, NC. Call us at Best Concrete of Concord.